Chlorine Dioxide

Di-O-Clean is a unique, new way of producing 99.9% pure chlorine dioxide as a water disinfectant and treatment. It is the only single product that achieves all of the following outcomes:

~ Kills bacteria, viruses protozoa and other micro-organisms in drinking water
~ Removes tastes and odours from water~ Is tasteless unlike chlorine products e.g. sodium hypochlorite so enhances water intake rather than reducing it.

~ Removes biofilm from the water system and keeps it clean. Is far superior to chlorine products in this respect.

~ Removes iron and manganese scale from the water system and keeps it from returning.

~ Is non-corrosive to pipe work, vessels and equipment

~ Works over a high pH range (4 – 10)

~ Has 10 times more oxidation power than chlorine

~ Has a long kinetic half-life unlike conventionally produced chlorine dioxide.

~ Is 100% safe for livestock to consume even at many times the recommended inclusion rates.

~ Is 100% biodegradable (degrades to sodium chloride and sodium sulphate) and produces no harmful by-products unlike chlorine products and conventionally produced chlorine dioxide.

~ Is safe to handle and transport providing basic instructions are adhered to.

Warning signs such as these may indicate that you have a problem:

Di-O-Clean can be used in industries such as: