Piglet Nipple

Piglet/Weaner bite nipple, 1/2″ thread, 3/8″ body, removable filter and adjustable flow.


Grower Nipple

Wean/Grow/Sow Bite nipple 1/2″ thread, 1/2″ body, removable filter and adjustable flow.

Drinking Bowl Nipple

Stainless steel, 1/2″ female thread, filter. Multiple flow settings, push to activate in any direction.

Wet/Dry Nipple Long

Wet/Dry feeder nipple 1/2″, stainless steel, adjustable flow, male thread, O/A length 78mm (long activator)

Wet/Dry Nipple Short

Universal wet/dry feeder nipple 1/2″ thread, 1/2″ body with adjustable flow and push to activate any direction.