Creep Boxes


The new NI-2 systems provides for higher temperature creating microclimate for piglets while the temperature in the room is comfortable for the sows.

  • Reduces the energy cost up to 20-40% in the farrowing buildings.
  • Increases by 0.2 – 0.5 live weaned piglets per sow per year, reducing the mortality rate after the delivery.
  • Better results in the weight of the weaned piglets.
  • Creates optimal ambient conditions for piglets, protecting them from air draughts.
  • Allows reduction in room temperature, providing for the comfort of the sows.


Ni-2 Corner

Can be adapted to the width from 80-60cm. The cover is designed with longitudinal ribs that make cleaning easy and reduces splash back.


Ni-2 Mobile

Very easy to move around and use in different farrowing pens where necessary due to the age of the piglets. Height is adjustable and easily installed and cleaned.