Floor Coating Systems


MS Mortar Coating Repair

Ideal for repairing holes in concrete or damaged concrete, closing gaps between concrete plates and for levelling height differences. Dries harder than granite.

MS Floor Coating System (2-Layer)

Floor coating can be used in rooms that need to be easy to clean. By using floor coating you protect the concrete floors/slats and solid floors by not allowing feed residues, ammonia etc to penetrate. The coated floor can be treated with Mandurax or Silversand to make the surface anti-slip. Another advantage of the usage of Mandurax is the fact that the floor becomes more solid.

MS Equalisation Coating

To repair and seal damaged/uneven floors on livestock floor surfaces. A unique, high quality 2-component, self-levelling coating which seals the concrete, stopping erosion from feed/water/faecal matter and is extremely easy to apply.

MS Gel Repair

A unique epoxy gel ideal for repairing cracks and cutting grooves in concrete. It is easy to mix and apply and adheres very well to substrate. The gel repair dries rock hard, it is extremely durable, water-proof and is resistance to chemicals.