Fiberglass Beams


Delta Beam
Delta Beam
T Profile Beam
T Profile Beam








Delta Beams

110 and 135 are profiles made from pultruded fibre-glass profiles, specially designed to support slats in farrowing and weaners facilities. These support beams are a perfect substitute for the traditional steel bars, as they are completely resistant to the corrosive environment caused by manure and the livestock environment.

T Profile Beams

  • Available in 90mm and 120mm heights.
  • Made from isotholic resin, which guarantees an extraordinary resistance to aggressive livestock environments.
  • Guarantees a perfect stability and great resistance.
  • Wider range of applications.
  • Easier cleaning.

The new T-120 profile beam has two new basic improvements:

  • The longitudinal rib, essential for reducing lateral torsion.
  • A big base, which allows a better seating on the support points.