Mega Swing Feeder

msf-mediumAd-Lib feeding of lactating sows has many advantages, as most pig farmers know. To be able to do this and use less feed only adds to this scenario. With an approx. 600kg hopper, time spent feeding is greatly reduced and therefore can be spent on the fine tuning of farrowing sow and litter management to increase profitability. This feeder has been
proven to eliminate or reduce seagull burden.

Using Rotecna components, this feeder has been designed for the Ad-Lib feeding of outdoor lactating sows. The Mega Swing Feeder has also been proven to be very effective in feeding gilts from delivery to mating. Not suitable for large nuts/cobs.

The Mega Swing Feeder bowl is constructed of stainless steel and high quality plastic, with a stainless steel base and protective band around the lip of the bowl. These bowls have stood the test of time and have been well proven through years of use in Rotecna’s original Swing Feeder Maxi.

The feed regulation system is effective in controlling the rate of feed dispensed with each movement of the swing mechanism. Mash and Pellets require different settings and this can be easily achieved by adjusting the lever to suit. The Mega Swing Feeder can be shut off completely by moving the lever to the STOP position. There are 14 easy adjustment settings in total.

Mega Swing Feeder for Pigs

Mega Swing Feeder for Calves