Captive Bolt Gun



The Captive Bolt Gun is used to safely and humanely euthanise cattle, pigs, sheep, horses and other livestock species.

Highlights Include:

  • High-quality German made device.
  • No firearms licence required.
  • Cleaning kit included.
  • Spare parts are available upon request. Full operation and cleaning instructions included.
  • Colour coded activators.

Colour and Weight Activators:

GREEN – small pigs, calves, sheep, goats.
BLUE – mature beef, bulls, sows, boars, horses, deer.



Pithing is one of two recommended options in the secondary portion of the culling process (the alternative being exanguination). The procedure is carried out by the use of a tool called a pithing rod. The rod is inserted into the hole that is created by the Captive Bolt Gun and is then agitated vigorously to destroy brain tissue and parts of the brain stem, thus ensuring absolute and humane euthanasia.

Pithing Rod and Activators sold seperately