F10 Disinfectant

f10xd5l-medium f10sc5l-medium

A total spectrum disinfectant – bactericidal, virucidal, fungicidal, sporicidal, tuberculocidal. The main actives are QAC and Biguanidine blend. This is not the same as QAC stand-alone product, and has a proven, superior kill rate and range.

It is non corrosive to all types of metal; also does not damage rubber and plastic seals (in high pressure washers) and is non-irritating to skin and will not harm humans or animals, even if it comes into contact with skin in its neat form.

Safe for fogging, even while pigs present – can lower pathogen loads and reduce disease transmission (particularly with airborne respiratory diseases) and can be sprayed into pens where scouring is apparent with no harm to the animals.

F10 is biodegradable and has been used extensively on farms with no harmful environmental effects.

Also available:

F10XD SC Disinfectant/cleanser –¬†which is a single stage product with, added surfactants.

F919 SC Degreaser – degreaser/cleanser specially formulated to remove the oil and fatty layer that could contain residual micro-organisms.

F10 Antiseptic Liquid soap (with hand care emollients) and F10 Hand Gel (waterless) – both for personal hygiene

F10 Germicidal Barrier Ointment –¬†This product has multiple uses and can be used as a stand-alone treatment for minor injuries, or in the case of reoccurring conditions should be treated in conjunction with a complete treatment plan, including antibiotics, as directed by a veterinarian.