PregTector Doppler
The PregTectorĀ Doppler can detect pregnancy at an early stage. It has very high reliability, on many species of mammals.


  • It uses the Doppler principle and is very easy to use.
  • It is not possible to obtain a false positive with this tester, which can be caused by a full bladder or an inflamed uterus, as can occur when using an amniotic fluid tester.
  • Using the external probe, pregnancy can be detected in sow as early as 25 days after insemination.
  • It is possible to use the pregnancy detector throughout the pregnancy term and even during farrowing.
  • Supplied in a carrying case complete with CD and instruction manual.


The probe contains both transmitting and receiving elements and projects a narrow beam of low energy ultrasound, by way of a coupling medium in the abdomen of the animal. The beam is reflected by the uterine artery, the umbilical vessels or the fetal heart and converted into the readily recognised sounds of a confirmed pregnancy. The high quality headset is connected to an external probe which allows the user to hear the blood-flow clearly, whilst shielding them from the noises of the farm.

AvailableĀ from overseas on request.