AnQuip NZ Ltd was established in August of 2004.¬†Lori and I had been looking at different business opportunities since we arrived back from living and working in Lori’s home state of Texas.

In early 2004, I attended the Pan Pacific Pork Expo where I spent quite some time in the Rotecna stand. Impressed with their quality and quantity of product lines, I brought a catalogue home with me.

After a few months of getting my sales talk prepared to present the idea of setting up a pig equipment supply business to my wife Lori, I sat down and gave her the pitch.

I must have gotten it right finally, as Lori got behind the iSIAFD 2011 Small (35).jpgdea 100%. Armed with a worn Rotecna catalogue and a bunch of enthusiasm, I went out into the market place to see what reaction there would be. After three weeks, we had enough orders to fill a container, but no idea of how to order, ship, document and de-van it all.

We managed to bungle our way through the first one and quickly learn all the ropes to the point that we are now a MAF approved registered transitional facility and Lori is approved for opening and de-vanning overseas containers. (A position she has reminded me of on more than one occasion). We now recieve containers on a regular basis and have the luxury of employing staff to manage the office and warehouse to make sure I get out and about visiting farms.

In 2008 we were introduced to Europe’s largest livestock equipment suppliers MS Schippers. A subsequent visit to Eurotier Animal Husbandry Show and to the MS Schippers warehouse confirmed that we had latched on to a company serious about quality and service. Since this time, our product range has grown dramatically as well as expanded in to other livestock sectors. We started a new business AllFarm Supplies Ltd which we were 50% shareholders in, over the past few years we have increased our shareholding to the point in 2013 we bought the remaining shares and merged AllFarm Supplies in to AnQuip NZ Ltd.

The New Zealand¬†farming industry is our passion and we appreciate the support it has shown us in our developing years. AnQuip is continually looking to expand it’s product range and services. Our aim is to supply great equipment at a fair price with the best possible service.