AnQuip is owned and operated out of Prebbleton in Christchurch, New Zealand.

Mega Swing Feeder for Pigs

We aim to provide the farmers of Australasia with great quality products that will make your farm more efficient and profitable. Keeping this in mind we also aim to provide the livestock that make use of our products a fitting place to be born, grow and live during the course of their lives.

AnQuip stocks a wide range of products from farming equipment such as slats, feeders, penning and housing to disinfectants, pregnancy detectors, water treatments and much more.

Popular Product

Tecna Pan

Our most popular of the pans for piglets that provides easy access to feed during and post weaning.

It has 5 fins that separate the feeding spots, approximately 2L capacity and is 25cm high.

We will have a new container restocking our supplies within the next few weeks, so get in quick to grab them while you can!